Summer Glow Q&A

This will help answer questions you may have about your Spray Tan Before And After



The spray tan bronzer will provide immediate color, however, after your first shower the bronzer will wash off. Please Do NOT be alarmed the actual color will continue to develop and be maximized 24 hours after you tanning session.

Disposable undergarments are provided. Customers are also welcome to bring personal under-garments or an old bathing suit to tan. However, please know that Client confidentiality is priority and personal preference with regards to choice of Tan lines or No Tan lines is respected.

During your session Female clients may tan nude, wear dark undergarments or disposables we provide.  Male clients MUST wear undergarments (ie; boxers).

Please remember to wear sunscreen when outdoors. Sunscreen lotion is always recommended.  Avoid all aerosol spray sunscreens as these contain high levels of alcohol and can dry out your skin.

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