Are you a glow babe?

A fierce determined bronzed babe...glowing luminously as she dances through life chasing her dreams and aspirations!

Others see the glow, you feel the extra shot of confidence...

A luminous glow babe cultivates peace and self awareness.
She rests confidently in her own essence and therefore can genuinely appreciate
the gifts and beauty of others without the sense that they diminish her in some way.
She does not live life comparing herself to others...

Glow Babe
(Custom full body tan/develops in 8 hrs)

Home Studio
(You Come to us)

$40 First Session
  • Additional Services - $45

Mobile Sessions
(We come to you)

$55 Starting Price
  • Convenient & easy!

An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking tan. Our Glow Babe solution does include a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts. This means you will get an instant bronzed result. The bronzer does wash off during the first shower but your color will continue to develop for up to 12 hours after.

Glow Babe On the go!
(Custom full body rapid tan/sets in just 1 hr)

Home Studio
(You Come to us)

$50 First Session
  • Additional Services - $55

Mobile Sessions
(We come to you)

$65 Starting Price
  • Convenient & easy!

Our Rapid Glow Babe sunless solution is enriched with antioxidants and botanicals as well as the highest-grade sunless DHA. The gorgeous natural cosmetic bronzer will leave the skin hydrated all while creating an immediate and natural-looking tan. This formula absorbs and dries quickly and starts to develop in as little as just 1 hour!!! Thus allowing you the convenience to rinse and go on with your busy schedule without having to wait hours for your sunless tan to fully develop before being able to rinse and get glowing with lives busy schedules. With our rapid blend your skin will continue to deepen in color over a 12 hour period post rinse creating a gorgeous tan that lasts 7-10 days. The gorgeous walnut based cosmetic bronzer will create an immediate color that will be the envy of many.  Level of darkness will also be dependent of rinse time chosen....

Add ons:

Glow Drying Powder (Included in your session)

Quick drying finishing powder blended together to give you a light bronze shimmer after spray tanning and removing the sticky spray tan feeling.  *Highly recommended, best seller *

Extra Spray Tan coat (double dip) $5.00

Extra spray tan coat for deeper color or just on areas of concern that require more coverage/shading; blending INTENSE tan lines; recommended on areas with cellulite, stretch marks, bad tan lines, any areas of concern

Glow Illuminator $5.00

Add a fun subtle shimmering effect while your spray tan develops with our Glow Illuminating mist. This does wash off at time of initial rinse

Please note:

All sessions require a booking deposit of $25 to confirm your session: this deposit is applied towards your sunless session balance and must be confirmed on the same day of your booking. Booking deposits are refundable in the event that you cancel or need to reschedule but you must provide us with a 24 hour notice of cancellation and or rescheduling.  

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that time has been specifically reserved for your appointment. At the time of booking your session, you will be asked to confirm your session with a booking deposit ($25) in order to secure your appointment. Payment of deposit should be done that same day and before the end of our business hours or your appointment session will be released and made available again for others (no payment= no appointment). Should you fail to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment (or otherwise ‘no show’); your booking deposit will NOT be refunded. If you have a package, one of the tans from that package will be forfeited.

LATE POLICY: If you are 15 minutes late {or more} for your appointment, you have missed your appointment. If you have a package or you have prepaid, you will not be refunded if the appointment is missed and one of the tans in your package will be used.

We provide as flexible a schedule as possible....We ask that you please plan accordingly!

AGE REQUIREMENTS: The FDA has approved spray tanning for all ages. However, we do require a parent or legal guardian sign a consent form for any minors under the age of 17.

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